ACE will be held weekly on Wednesdays at our RISD and NEIT locations and on Tuesdays at our Blackstone Academy Location.

2019 Start Dates

Providence (RISD): Wed, Oct. 16

Northern RI (Blackstone Academy): Tues, Oct. 15

West Bay (NEIT): Wed, Oct. 16

See a composite schedule for all three locations here. For up to date schedules for your location, check your location page.

Learn more about ACE and the opportunities it provides for high school students in Rhode Island.

ACE RI Initiates 2019-2020 Program Year on The Rhode Show

ACE RI Board Member and head of Student Recruiting, Lance Aleksiewicz, and past ACE RI Scholarship winner, Edwin Montas, who is currently a Project Engineer at Gilbane Building Company and an ACE RI Mentor, discuss the benefits of the ACE Mentor Program of RI on WPRI's "The Rhode Show". Click on the image to hear what they have to say about the opportunities available to all local high school students that participate in ACE RI this school year.

ACE RI Student Wins CMiC Allen Berg Memorial Scholarship: Watch Her Story, You Could be Next

Lily Gucfa won a $40,000 scholarship through the ACE Mentor Program thanks to the CMiC Allen Berg Memorial Scholarships offered this year. Here Lily, her mom Ruth, and Jim Barnes, one of Lily's ACE RI mentors, talk about the experience. Over the next nine school years another ACE RI student will have a chance to win a CMiC Allen Berg Scholarship each year. Don't miss out!

NINE Scholarships Awarded at 15th Annual ACE Mentor Program of Rhode Island (ACE RI) Networking Fundraiser Event

Sponsors, mentors and scholarship recipients came together at the Pavilion at Grace Church on May 23rd to celebrate the accomplishments of the three sections of the ACE Mentor Program of Rhode Island. In addition, Chairman Carlos Neves presented nine local high school seniors from this year's group of students with scholarships totaling $29,000 to support their pursuit of a degree in one of the A/C/E fields.

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Tuesdays or Wednesdays after school

Starting mid October.

Do you think you want to be an Architect, Engineer, or work in the Construction Industry? ACE RI is the perfect place to learn more and have fun at the same time. High school students work in small groups with their peers and with mentors from the construction industry on interactive activities to gain valuable experience and learn about the ACE fields. This hands on learning approach is a great place for students to boost their  education and pursue their passions outside of the classroom. Find your local group and register online.

Students who pursue higher education in a related field are also eligible to apply for scholarships through ACE Mentor Program of RI. In 2019, ACE RI awarded $29,000 of scholarships to area students and over $100,000 has been awarded since 2004.

Read the 2017 ACE Mentor Program Yearbook and hear from two ACE RI Alumni who are featured. Read more about Robert Clarke (pg. 6) and Jose Paz (pg. 29) in the ACE Alumni Spotlight.

Read the 2017 ACE Mentor Program Yearbook and hear from two ACE RI Alumni who are featured. Read more about Robert Clarke (pg. 6) and Jose Paz (pg. 29) in the ACE Alumni Spotlight.

gum drop pasta challenge.jpg

Sample Schedule

Week 1: The Annual Gum Drop & Pasta Tower Challenge - A hands on exercise to get our minds thinking about structures. (This activity will be on October 17 at the NRI Location.)

Week 2: ACE in the Neighborhood - A walking tour with a critical look at the infrastructure around us.

Week 3: The Concept of Scale - How do we translate buildings to paper and pencil?

Week 4: College Visit - RWU / NEIT

Week 5: Space Planning - Create a floor plan for a house.

Break: Thanksgiving Break - Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 6: Structural Design - Build and test a beam.

Week 7: Cost Estimating - How much does a project cost?

Week 8: Landscape Design and Resiliency - How do we design around our buildings to protect our futures?

Week 9: Movie Night with ACE - Dream Big: Engineering Our World

January: The second semester kicks off with many more great activities.

ACE Scholarship Available to High School Seniors

Each year the ACE Mentoring Program of Rhode Island offers scholarships to its college-bound seniors. In 2019, ACE RI awarded a total of $29,000 in scholarships to five students at its annual networking fundraiser event. The amount of scholarships awarded varies each year depending on the number of applications and the amount of money we are able to raise. Each year we will award a number of $1,000 to $4,000 scholarships to high school seniors.

Movie Night with ACE

ACE family and friends and family are invited to join us for a special screening of Dream Big, Engineering our World at the recently opened Woodman Family Community & Performance Center as we wrap up the fall portion of our ACE year. Our screening will be followed by a panel discussion with local ACE professionals.

Previous School Year Highlights


The ACE Mentor Program is open to any high school student who has the curiosity and drive to learn about a career in design and construction — from contracting and engineering to architecture and landscaping.

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Educators in more than 200 communities and 1,100 high schools across the U.S. have seen the difference ACE can make in their students’ academic performance, college aspirations and career motivation. Interest is up. Grades are up. College enrollment is up.

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There is no substitute for experience — the ACE Mentor Program is driven by the committed and enthusiastic participation of volunteer mentors who are practicing professionals in their respective fields. ACE offers high school students the best opportunities because ACE offers the best industry mentors.

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ACE’s Rhode Island program helps high school students discover how to translate their interests and abilities into exciting, rewarding careers in architecture, engineering and construction.

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