ACE NRI Students Complete Space Planning Activity

Students in the ACE NRI Section spent the afternoon learning about architecture and then took on the challenge of designing a single-story home. Local Architect, ACE Volunteer and RISD Professor Jim Barnes introduced students to architecture by talking about the path to architectural licensure, the requirements to maintain a license as well as the day to day requirements of being an architect. Jim also reminded students (and mentors) the value of involving yourself in the community and expanding your professional network.

After hearing from Jim, students broke out into small groups to design their own take on a one-story, single family home with on a provided site. Students managed site layout, practical space planning requirements and functionality while taking the "client's" input in coming up with the preferred layout. After settling on a preliminary layout, students sketched their ideas and  presented to the other groups.

As is always the case in design, each group tackled the challenge differently and each came up with their own well thought out and unique house designs.

See the designs.