If you have received a scholarship from ACE RI, your scholarship is disbursed once per semester for two years. To receive your disbursement, submit the following items to the scholarship committee:

  • A signed copy of the terms and conditions of the scholarship (required for the first disbursement only)

  • A completed disbursement request form

  • A college transcript (not required for the first disbursement)

  • A copy of your class registration for the upcoming semester, showing proof of enrollment in your major

These materials are required for each disbursement (every semester). Scholarship recipients are responsible for contacting the scholarship committee and submitting the required materials to receive the disbursement.

Send all documents to:

ACE Mentor Program of Rhode Island, Inc.
Attn: Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 5722
Providence, RI 02903

or send via email to BOTH of the following:

Lance Aleksiewicz: lancea@odehengineers.com, and
Bethany Potter: potterb@odehengineers.com

It may take several weeks for your materials to be processed and your check to be sent, so plan ahead and send the required materials well before you need the payment.